family therapy

Family therapy, also known as family counseling, is a branch of psychology that works with families to nurture positive change and development.

Christian counseling

Four Reactions To Christian Counseling

My friends’ four reactions to Christian counseling‘?  m not sure that I should proud of writing a post that in which people are uncomfortable, upset, relieved, and well, just plain curious. But there are many, many reactions to Christian counseling and those four reactions are a good place to start. Uncomfortable. Some churches keep their worship …

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Starting therapy

How To Find The Right Therapist

There are four W’s and one H in how to find the right therapist:  when, where, who, why, how much When should you get therapy?  Well, there is the easy answer:  when people tell you that you need one!  But that probably won’t tell you exactly when to seek therapy.  It’s when you can’t shake …

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counseling in Tallahassee

Five Ways to Rewrite Your Story

Find The Strengths in Your Past Write Your Personal Story Unpack Memories When You’re Ready Bullies and Cockroaches Marriage Counseling Can Help Here are five ways to rewrite your story with a different ending.  The old stories keep you depressed and anxious and stuck in the quicksand of old stories.  Let new stories replace the tears …

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