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As a practitioner myself with 40+ years of experience, I’ve developed a number of training courses that not only fulfill continuing education requirements, but will also assist you in growing your own practice. 

Participating in any of the e-courses below counts toward your CEU credits. 

Psychopathology 101

$80 | 6 CEU Credits
CE# 20-801572

This 6-CEU ecourse gives an overview of psychiatric diagnoses in the DSM-5.  

Dr. Smith’s provocative and entertaining presentation provides therapists with an invaluable guide in treating chronic emotional disorders.

Dr Smith's Psychopathology Lectures book cover 2nd edition

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Money & Marriage

$50 | 4 CEU Credits
CE# 20-801192

This 4-CEU ecourse explains the role money plays in maintaining marital relationships. 

This short  class presents easy-to-understand principles on how couples successfully manage their finances.

Book cover for Money and Marriage

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Growing a private practice

$100 | 8 CEU credits
CE# 20-654995

This 8-CEU ecourse provides essential information in starting a private practice. It includes an accompanying 112 page manual. 
In this course you will:

MORE THAN NUMBERS: Financial Therapy ecourse

$80 | 6 CEU credits
CE# 20-751148

This 6-CEU ecourse provides information on how to do financial therapy. It includes two manuals; one for facilitators and one for participants. This includes the workbook. 
In this course you will:

Financial therapy workshop

Telehealth ecourse

$50 | 4 CEU Credits
CE# 20-709567

This 4-CEU ecourse provides introductory information on the use of telehealth in clinical practice. 
In this course, you will learn:

And much more!

Qualified supervisor

$175 | 12 CEU credits
CE# 20-670767

This 12-CEU training meets all State of Florida requirements to receive a Qualified Supervisor designation. 
In this training you will:

Renewing qualified supervisor status

$50 | 4 CEU credits
CE# QS-20-709643

This 4-hour training meets statutory requirements to renew a Qualified Supervisor designation.

In this training, you will:

Clinical supervision hours

Starting at $50/hour

In addition to my ecourses, I also provide required Clinical Supervision Hours leading to state licensure. 

Clinical Supervision provides guidance on becoming a skilled therapist. It integrates classroom lectures with challenging real-life lessons. Through individualized training sessions, participants become consummate therapists.

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I offer continuing education courses to help therapists meet the state requirements and also learn and become better practitioners in the process. My  provider number is: 50-27910.

CEU training ensures that therapists and counselors will stay current with new skills and ideas in their field. The multiple continuing education courses that we provide will help therapists in Florida meet the state requirements and become better practitioners in the process.

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