Self help

When do you need therapy?

People need therapy to help them with emotional problems. Holistic therapy goes a step further and incorporates the mind-body-soul connections. My methods are adept at providing holistic therapies to help people with their complex life problems.


Honestly, most problems don’t need therapy. It is overkill. However, something needs to be done when a person is really bothered by something in life. In fact, instead of therapy, self-help may be enough and starts in a bookstore where many helpful books can be seen on shelves. So, I always advise people to start slowly and talk a lot with friends and read articles and books. 

There is also a lot of information available on the internet. Some good and some not so good. Social media provides a lot of advice. Experts provide a lot of advice. The problem is always that there is too much advice from too many people. So, the problem may become choosing which advice is the best advice. Here are some resources that may be helpful on some important topics.




Naming the Problem

Giving something a name has a lot of benefits but also a few downsides. One main benefit is that any name begins to give boundaries to what a person is experiencing. That is one benefit of giving a problem a diagnosis. It is a scientific way of naming a problem. There is no magic to giving a problem a diagnosis. A lot of people feel a lot of relief in knowing the diagnosis of a problem.

The catch is to get the right diagnosis. It is an “art-science” with a lot of subjectivity mixed in with objectivity. As much as people can get relief from getting a diagnosis, it can lead to more problems than relief. More problems occur when the name suggests a dire condition thus leading to a lot of needless worry. The first adage for mental health professionals: “First of all, do no harm.”

So, give a name and keep it as benign as possible. That will keep the problem as small as possible.

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Keeping it Small

In solving problems, it’s important to keep it small. That’s it: keep it small. In solving problems, keeping it small will make them doable. Starting small means that it is important to have as few assumptions as possible on what is necessary to solve the problem. That way, a person won’t be overwhelmed with too much information that can lead to a lot of confusion. The goal is to get just enough information to get started but not to get confused.

It may be a good idea to stop using self-help books if they don’t work. That means that there just may be too many books on names and solutions. Then it’s time to turn to therapists to give you some direction. Good therapists will follow the same advice. Keep it small, keep it simple. Well, let’s start with getting beyond self-help books.

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People need therapy to help them with emotional problems. Despite the effort to start with small problems, small diagnoses, and small solutions, it may be necessary to consider a more complex understanding of what is causing the emotional pain.  If you’re ready to invest in yourself, book an appointment with me today.