best/worst is a balancing act

The Best and Worst of What We Accomplish

The Best and Worst of What We Accomplish.  Why is so important to be the best or the worst?  Well, let’s examine both options.  First, the Best.  How about being the top of Mt. Everest  , getting an Olympic Gold Medal, or just being the best at anything?  ” Or why is so bad to be the worst at anything?  We’re talking about never getting picked for any team.  Being the shortest or smallest isn’t so great either.  

In some cases, it may be a self-assessment.  Women have suffered through long conversations with men who have a need to describe their accomplishments.  Modesty is nowhere to be found.  I’m still left wondering why it’s so boring to listening someone who lacks any modesty.

But there is the other side of the coin.    It’s equally boring listening to someone complaining about their lack of accomplishments. It does seem lame for someone to be proud of not having accomplished anything.  Some people describe a person with a lack of experience as being a snowflake.  You know, peoProbably not but do you want to listen to him at a party?  

Then, there is the person who is modest about his or her accomplishments.  Instead of black and white, how about a shade of gray?  Fifty shades of gray was a movie.  I don’t need those fifty shades but how about an innocent thirty or so? Modesty in all things seems to be the answer.  I wrote a blog about the zen thing in early August.  It’s all about finding a way to not get super depressed or excited.  The ups and downs are a sure fire way to get either depressed or irritating to everyone around you.

OK, it’s time to walk the walk, talk the talk and stay sane.  Does therapy help? Sure, but first start by reading stuff before talking with me.  But just remember that I’m not the best or worst at guiding and coaching you!