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Five Ways to Rewrite Your Story

  • Find The Strengths in Your Past
  • Write Your Personal Story
  • Unpack Memories When You’re Ready
  • Bullies and Cockroaches
  • Marriage Counseling Can Help

Here are five ways to rewrite your story with a different ending.  The old stories keep you depressed and anxious and stuck in the quicksand of old stories.  Let new stories replace the tears of sleepless nighttime rituals.  It’s time to get help to rid yourself of the memories of bullies and abuse from your past. 

Revising how you tell yourself messages about the past will create a future filled with hope.  that It’s time to get ready for your future success story! There are five ways to start writing that success story. Your strengths can be hidden in your painful memories.  We can start with different treatment approaches in building a new life, a new story.

The pain is overwhelming but I’m betting on your hidden strengths. The first step is to write a new story in which you are “the victor and not the victim”. Stay in your safe place until you can tackle those painful memories one at a time. Because the bullies are just cockroaches. Just because they are everywhere doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of them one at a time. Get some help, clean your house, get some marriage counseling. But start today with your new story.

Marriage counseling has four parts:  enlist the help of the right guide, find the courage to face your fears, let them go one at a time, start over.  Good guides support and challenge you.  They don’t give up as you as you gain confidence to face your fears and embrace the truth of your beauty and strength.  

It may not be easy to find the right guide.  You’ve got to decide on gender, age, experience, training, and even things like location.  On the other hand, delaying in getting the exact fit can itself cause problem.  Waiting too long is your enemy and keeps you mired in lies.  Find the courage to start marriage counseling today.  Remember the five ways to rewrite your story with a different ending.  You can do it!