therapy for anxiety

When worry takes up a significant part of your day or causes physical symptoms, therapy for anxiety can help you deal with it.

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Legacy of Pandemic Blues

2020 begun the legacy of pandemic blues.  Clinical depression were the code words for the entire year.  Hundreds of businesses and schools were closed or went virtual. Politicians vacillated between paralysis and issuing orders that closed school doors and emptied churches. Students were socially distanced and isolated. Amidst the differing pronouncements from public health officials …

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sadness can seem solemn

Find humor in your sadness

Humor in therapy Find humor in  your sadness today throughout the day!  I once told my students that I feel like my lectures are a stand-up comedy routine. Sometimes, I even succeed. I once read that all comedians have underlying depression. I think that there is a lot of wisdom in that observation. Here’s my …

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Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling Near Me

After having yet another person ask whether there was any Christian counseling near me, I started doing some research. Great question. I just sublet to a therapist who self-identified as being a Christian counselor  Four days in one city and one day in another city. He sub-sublet his office to another Christian counselor in my …

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