therapy for anxiety

When worry takes up a significant part of your day or causes physical symptoms, therapy for anxiety can help you deal with it.

Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling Near Me

After having yet another person ask whether there was any Christian counseling near me, I started doing some research. Great question. I just sublet to a therapist who self-identified as being a Christian counselor  Four days in one city and one day in another city. He sub-sublet his office to another Christian counselor in my …

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Is depression just another diagnosis?

Are you depressed? Is depression just another diagnosis? Over a decade ago, depression was called the “common cold of psychiatry.” I never ask that question because people will tell me before I ask it. I used a textbook titled “Dr. Smith’s Lectures on Psychopathology” in which I described depression in all its flavors. In fact, I likened …

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Starting therapy

How To Find The Right Therapist

There are four W’s and one H in how to find the right therapist:  when, where, who, why, how much When should you get therapy?  Well, there is the easy answer:  when people tell you that you need one!  But that probably won’t tell you exactly when to seek therapy.  It’s when you can’t shake …

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