self image can show odd pictures

Self-image is created in Hollywood

Self-image is created in Hollywood. Mirrors are scary things because what you see is not what you get. There is no honesty in them. Here are five reasons why you can’t trust them.

Mirrors are in every bathroom. There are usually bright lights in them so you can see yourself. It also means that you can see every fault on your face, chest, and hip. You can only guess what’s behind you. It is lucky that no one can see you squint your eyes, arch your back, and contort yourself as you carefully examine your faults.

Here is the part that is really scary: you may find your faults.  Your self-image suffers when you find your real or imagined faults.

Comparisons are the way that we make decisions. Cooks follow recipes to create prepared food with prescribed colors, tastes, and textures. In their yards, people fertilize, prune, mow, and plant according to what is in nursery catalogs. Clothes, shoes, accessories, belts, scarves purchases follow the guidelines that are shown in colorful online and print ads. What happens when food, yards, and clothes differ from the recipes, catalogs, and ads? Your self-appraisal will suffer depending on how well that you followed the guidelines.

Depression results from the lowered self-esteem that follows a damaged self-image. The negative self-talk, daily sadness, and the yuckiness of life are just part of what keeps you depressed.  Read up on Depression

Self-image keeps changing depending on societal whims.  It’s a moving target.  What is depressing one day may change based on any small thing.  It’s hard to know what’s real.

Hollywood is a self-image producing industry that is ever-changing depending on the financial aspirations of corporations seeking market share. Oops. That’s a mouthful. It just means that your self-image is the target of CEOs with a never-ending love of money.  Their job depends on how much money that they can make from you.  What is more difficult is for us to let our self-worth depend on what we do and say and not by what other people want to sell. Self-image is the product of our self-worth and not of an algorithm to increased net worth.