Anxiety Attack

Can you cure anxiety attacks in three easy methods? Probably not.

Can you cure anxiety attacks in three easy methods?  Probably not.  Anxiety disorders are psychiatric problems that have much in common.  First, think of them as being similar to a heart attack.  A second symptom is dizziness.  Next, is the fear of losing control.  It’s not surprising that a sense of doom is another symptoms.  How about sweating?  Cold flashes?  Inability to breathe?  OK, you get the drill.  

So, what are the five easy methods?  First, the first step is to think of anxiety attacks as being a group of symptoms and your goal is to control or manage one or more of the symptoms.  Second, think of them as requiring a multi-method approach to manage the symptoms.  Third, think of them as being an indication of a need to change a lifestyle going amok. 

OK, so I lied.  There aren’t three easy methods.  Anxiety attacks happen for many reasons and can show up in many different ways.  As seen in the three “easy” methods, at least one can take the form of a major lifestyle change.  Definitely not easy.  Counseling can help in getting the process going.  

My wife’s patient was worried about “scrupulosity.”  I really didn’t have a clue on what that meant and so I looked it up.  It’s “moral obsessive-compulsive disorder.”  Just my kind of thing.  I’ve been studying and teaching psychiatric disorders for years and had never heard of it.  It sounds painful to me.  But the reality is that pain is real no matter where it originates.  

I think that tackling anxiety attacks one symptom at  a time makes the most sense.  There’s the Pareto rule:  cure 20% of the symptoms and get 80% better.  A lotta bang for the buck.  Fake it until you make it.  And all those other good aphorisms.  Don’t get anxious about being anxious!  It really doesn’t matter if you can cure anxiety attacks in three easy methods.  Just do it one step at a time.