Wellness can be depressing when it takes too much work

Wellness Counseling is depressing when it resembles work.

Wellness Counseling is depressing when it resembles work. Yeah, as you might guess, I don’t work out much but I did buy a Fitbit. I get my 250 steps/hour. So, what’s the problem? Well, I will confess that I am a senior citizen (in other words, some older than dirt) and I constantly have to balance my wellness with how much work that I have to do to maintain my wellness. It does take some practice advice, watchful guidance by relatives, and some adroit guilting to maintain a wellness regimen.

I think that there’s a fine line between pleasantly sweating and working. Too much sweating and it has to be work. There’s no doubt about it. However, some pleasant sweat that energizes the soul without causing muscle ache, is a wonderful tonic to a bad hair day.

In the picture, you’ll notice some senior citizens (much younger than I am) doing some sort of tai-chi type of exercise. Sigh. I will confess that I am challenged in my ability to follow simple directions. On my honeymoon, I agreed to take one stair-stepping class with my bride. The result was something that should be used in comedy skits. I’m lucky that my wife didn’t annul our marriage. And I did not feel at all well.

It shows that wellness will always have to balance mental health with physical fitness. There is no doubt that depression counseling can take many forms The stair-stepping class was good for physical fitness but it didn’t do much for my mental health. But it does count as wellness counseling. No one says that wellness counseling can’t look like a comedy skit. I suppose that laughter is a method of avoiding depression and working toward physical fitness. But once was enough for me. No more stair-stepping fitness classes. But I will wear my beloved Fitbit watch.